Portrait of George Washington Borough of Washington, Warren County, New Jersey


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Alarm Devices - Fire and Carbon Monoxide
New Jersey Fire Code requires that all one, two, and multiple-family homes and units must have Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in their homes and rental units.

New Jersey Fire Code requires that all one and two-family homes must have a Certificate of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors prior to change of Ownership or Occupancy. Failure to have the certificate prior to change of ownership and/ or occupancy will result in a Fire Code Violation and Penalty.

All alarm systems with an exterior alarm, excluding vehicle alarms, are required to be registered with the Police Department.

Alcoholic Beverages
No person shall have in their possession an open container containing any malt or vinous beverage spirits or alcohol nor shall any person consume any upon any public street, highway, sidewalk, alley, or roadway within the Borough or upon any public property.

Animal Control
Contact the Animal Control Officers (Kim Bennett 908 625 0106) or the Police Department at 689-2111.

Worn out household batteries can be deposited in regular garbage. All alkaline Batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D and 9 volt no longer contain mercury or hazardous components.

However, Non – Alkaline Dry Cell Batteries such as button cell, nickel-cadmium and Lithium do still contain hazardous components and will now be collected and recycled by the PCFA in the Spring and Fall each year. Please feel free to contact them at 908-453-2174 for the dates and time.

Borough Hall (Municipal Building)
The Borough Hall is open Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from 8:30 – 12 Noon and 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm.

Borough Code Book
The Borough Code book is available to all residents during business hours at the Borough Hall and/or at the Borough Library for review.

Borough Hall ( Municipal Building)
The Borough Hall is open Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from 8:30A.M. -12 Noon and 1-4:30 P.M. The Zoning/Code Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday – 8:30AM – Noon & 1:00PM – 4:30PM
Thursday - 8:30AM – Noon & 1:00PM – 7:30PM The Police Department Office hours are 7:00 A.M.-12 Noon and 12:30-3:30 P.M. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

The Department of Public Works chips tree / bush branches quarterly. Please check your recycling schedule for the dates. Branches no longer than 4” inch in diameter should be placed out loose and untied near the curb, allowing for pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk, butt end out.  Branches over 4” in diameter, as well as stumps and roots, are to be disposed by owner. Branches should be placed in the same collection area used for garbage.

Building Material/Debris

The garbage contractor does not collect building material or debris. The property owner must dispose of all building material/debris. Examples of building material are items such as, but not limited to, any item that was permanently attached to the building, such as toilets, sinks, tubs, cabinets, sheetrock, lumber including wall-to-wall carpeting, padding and other flooring.

The garbage contractor will dispose of one (1) 32-gallon galvanized or plastic container of wood each week, on the household garbage collection day, in addition to the allowable two 32-gal. containers of regular garbage. The wood must not have any nails or screws in it and must not extend over the lip of the garbage container. When filled, the container cannot exceed 60 lbs. in weight.

All material placed out for collection may be placed at the curb after 6 P.M. the day before collection and must be placed out no later than 7 A. M. on the collection day.


Building Permits
Building, plumbing, electrical and fire permits are obtained from the Department of Community Housing, and Bureau Construction Code Enforcement located at #171 Rt.173, Suite 101, Asbury, NJ. Their telephone number is 908-713-0722.

Code Enforcement officials are usually available on Wednesday s only from 10:00 -12 Noon at the Borough Hall Municipal Building located at 100 Belvidere Ave. in Washington.

Canvassing and Soliciting
No person, except persons canvassing for charitable or religious purposes, shall canvass or solicit from house to house without a permit issued by the Chief of Police.

Any person selling merchandise, goods, products or any article whatsoever by sample or taking orders for future delivery and accepting deposits or advance payments or soliciting donations must have a permit issued by the Chief of Police.

Licenses Adobe PDF document are required annually by May 31st. Written proof of rabies vaccination is required prior to licensing. License tags must be displayed on the cat. Proof of spayed or neutered animal will reduce the license fee. A penalty is assessed for late licensing. State Law requires new inoculation of cats/dogs before licensing if the current rabies inoculation expires before March 1st of the current year. For further information call: 689-3600, ext. 113.

Citizen Involvement
All citizens of the Borough of Washington interested in having their names considered for appointment by the Mayor and/or Council when a vacancy occurs on any Board, Commission, or special committee whereby such appointments are made by the Mayor and/or Council, such as Recreation, Planning & Zoning, Community Development, Public Assistance Board, etc. should fill out an application (PDF document) and return it to the Borough Manager at the Municipal Building, 100 Belvidere Avenue.

Claims for Damages
Tort claim forms are available at the Borough Clerk’s office for anyone desiring to file a claim against the Borough. State law requires claims to be submitted on these forms and in a timely manner.

Code Enforcement Officer
The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcing all Borough Codes. A Warning Notice may be left at the property when a violation is observed and if the violation is not abated, a Summons may subsequently be issued to the property owner. The Code Officer may, at any time a violation of the Borough Code is observed, immediately issue a summons. The Borough Code is available for review at the Borough Hall or Public Library.

Community Bulletin Board
A community bulletin board is located outside the Borough Hall at the corner of Belvidere Avenue and E. Church Street for the announcement of municipal-sponsored events only.

If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with any municipal service provided, it is recommended that the following procedure be followed in order to more quickly respond to your concern.

First bring the matter to the official in charge of the department you have a concern about. Allow the official a reasonable time to investigate the concern and take whatever action, if any, deemed appropriate. If the complainant is not satisfied with the action taken, the complainant may file a formal complaint following the guidelines set forth in the Borough Policy #1-89, a copy of which can be obtained from the office of the Borough Clerk or Borough Manager. Residents, businesses and property owners may address the Borough Council at the regular bi-monthly meetings. All Borough employees are anxious to serve the public and take pride in their work. If we should fail to meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to bring this fact to our attention.

Curbs and Sidewalks
All curb and sidewalk construction requires a Borough of Washington Street Opening Permit or a N.J. Department of Transportation permit and must be constructed to municipal or State standards. Curb and sidewalk repair and replacement responsibility, as well as the removal of grass and/or weeds along the curbs and sidewalks, rests with the property owner upon which said improvements front.

Each year Halloween, the Mayor and Council strongly recommends parents cooperate with the 8:00 pm curfew for all persons under the age of 18 years.

Decks & Porches
Prior to construction, both a zoning and building permit must be obtained. Decks and porches must adhere to the same setback requirements as the principal structure to which they are attached. Setback requirements from property lines vary depending upon the zone in which the property is located. Please contact the Zoning Officer for assistance at: 689-3600, ext. 139.

Dogs -
Licenses Adobe PDF documentare required annually by May 31st. Written proof of rabies vaccination is required prior to licensing. A penalty is assessed for late registration. State Law requires new inoculation of cats/dogs before licensing if the current rabies inoculation expires before March 1st of the current year. License tag must be displayed on the dog. Dogs may not run at large upon public streets or property. All dogs in public places must be securely confined and controlled by an adequate leash by a person over the age of 12 years. No persons owning, harboring or keeping or in charge of any dog shall cause, suffer or allow such dog to soil, defile, defecate upon or commit any nuisance upon any private property whatsoever, except with the expressed authority or permission of the owner. Dogs shall be curbed and the person who so curbs such dog shall immediately remove all feces deposited by such dog and dispose of in a sanitary manner. For further information call: 689-3600, ext. 113.

Electronic Waste Management Act

Dial 911 for Police, Fire or Rescue Squad assistance during emergencies.

The Borough is a Civil Service community. Job vacancies are announced by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission on its website: http://www.state.nj.us/csc/jobs. Job announcements are sometimes advertised in the Star-Gazette and the Express-Times. Job applications may be obtained from and filed with the Borough Manager’s Office, Municipal Building, 100 Belvidere Avenue, Washington, New Jersey 07882.

Fences & Walls
Prior to installing any fence or wall, a zoning permit must be obtained. Fences and walls shall not be located in any required sight triangle and shall not exceed 4 feet in height in the front yard nor 6 feet in height behind the front yard setback line. Fences and walls located in the front yard shall be at least 50% open (i.e. picket, split rail, lattice, or chain link.)

Fire Department Membership
All members of the Fire Department are volunteers. Applications for membership may be obtained from and submitted to any Fire Line Officer. Business meetings are usually held the first Monday of the month in the A. Fletcher Wright Fire Hall on the second floor of the Municipal Building.

Fire Hall Rental
Fire hall rental arrangements can be made by calling Richard Thompson at 908-689-3600 ext. 133 or

Fire Permits
The Borough of Washington Bureau of Fire Prevention under the direction of the Fire Official is responsible for enforcing the Uniform Fire Safety Act and the Uniform Fire Code. The Fire Official ensures that all required fire inspections are performed.

Fire Hoses
No vehicle shall be driven or propelled over any unprotected fire hose when laid down on any street without the consent of the Fire Chief.

Fire Hydrants
No person shall use or operate any hydrant unless the Fire Chief and New Jersey-American Water Company have issued a permit.

Fire Insurance Claims
Payment of claims in excess of $2,500.00 for fire damages on real property located in the Borough shall be withheld pending payment of all taxes and assessments and all municipal liens or charges due the municipality.

It is unlawful for any person, except law enforcement personnel, to fire or discharge or carry or possess any loaded shotgun, pistol, rifle, revolver, cannon, or other firearm, hand grenade, rocket, air rifle, air gun, etc. within the Borough of Washington, except at a licensed range or with a permit issued by the Chief of Police for parade or ceremonial purposes.

Flood Damage Prevention
Flood hazard maps are available for public inspection at Borough Hall during normal business hours. Development permits are required before construction or development begins within any of the areas of special flood hazard.

Flood Insurance
Borough property owners are eligible to purchase Federal Flood Insurance. Failure to purchase such insurance will result in denial of Federal Disaster Assistance in an amount equivalent to the amount that could have been covered by Federal Flood Insurance.

Food & Beverage Vending Machines
All food and beverage vending machines must comply with the Food and Beverage Vending Machine Code of New Jersey (1961) and must be licensed by the Borough Clerk.

Food Handling Establishments
All retail food establishments must comply with the Retail Food Establishment Code of New Jersey (1962) and must be licensed annually by the Borough Clerk.

Garage Sales
Limited to two (2) permits per year per lot. Permits are valid for two (2) days. Sunday sales, holiday sales, and/or off-premise signs are prohibited. Two 12” x 12” signs are permitted on the property for advertising sale no earlier than one week prior to the sale.

Permits can be obtained from the Borough Clerk’s office.

Copies of the garbage ordinance (Chapter 47) are mailed periodically to all households. Collection of household garbage is once per week and the day of the week varies by collection district. Call Borough Hall at 689-3600, ext. 119 for information on the designated collection day for your area and to obtain a complete copy of the garbage ordinance and Recycling Calendar. Garbage is to be placed out for collection in proper containers at the roadside no earlier than 6:00 p.m. prevailing the night before or prior to 7:00 a.m. prevailing on the day designated for the collection area. Mandatory recycling is in effect (see Recycling.) Collection services are limited to two (2) 32-gallon containers of trash, weighing no more than 60 lbs. each, per week. Stickers may be purchased from the Borough Clerk’s Office for additional containers of garbage beyond the two-container limit at the cost of $2.00 each.

Garbage Cans & Bags –
Garbage shall be placed in proper containers at roadside no earlier than 6:00 p.m. prevailing time the night before or prior to 7:00 A.M. prevailing on the day designated for the collection area. Containers may not be left at roadside after collection. Containers shall be of galvanized metal or heavy-duty plastic composition, shall have a lid or cover and shall have sturdy handles, and may not exceed 32 gallons in overall capacity. Heavy-duty plastic bags at least 2 mil thick and no larger than 30 gallons may be used for garbage and rubbish if properly tied. No refuse container, when loaded and placed for collection, shall exceed a gross weight of 60 pounds. Plastic bags may not be used for recyclable materials orvegetative wastes. Garbage may not be placed at curbside in cardboard boxes, paper bags, or shopping bags. Refer to Garbage and Recycling Calendar.

Handbills & Merchandise Samples –
No person shall distribute printed matter or samples without acquiring a written permit. Handbills and merchandise samples may not be placed upon vehicles nor placed upon the lawn or yard appurtenant to any dwelling unit or other building, nor tacked, nailed, pasted, painted or otherwise affixed to any bridge, fence, sidewalk, monument, utility pole, post or tree. It is a Federal offense to place any material in mailboxes without going through the U.S. Postal system.

Hawkers or Peddlers –
Licenses must be obtained from the Borough before any goods or products are sold from a vehicle or house to house or purchaser to purchaser.

Hazardous Household Waste –
The Pollution Control Finance Authority of Warren County conducts periodic hazardous waste disposal days (usually in May and October. Rrefer to Garbage and Recycling Calendar.) Contact the P.C.F.A. at (908) 453-2174 for further information and a full listing of qualifying items for disposal.

Municipal Holidays when business offices are not open are as follows: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Washington’s Birthday, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran ‘s Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve ½ day, and Christmas Day.  Garbage holidays when garbage and recyclable items will not be collected are published in the Recycling Calendar.

Landlord/Tenant Registration
The owner of every residential rental property shall submit the Landlord Registration Form to the Borough Clerk annually by July. Click here for registration

Leaf Collection
Curbside leaf collection will be made in the fall, near the end of October. Leaves must be placed in bio-degradable (kraft) bags. No plastic bags will be accepted. Leaves cannot be raked in to the street as they can make their way in to the storm water system in violation of the Federal and State storm water management regulations. Refer to Garbage and Recycling Calendar.

Persons owning or occupying business or residential property shall keep any sidewalk in front of their premises free from litter. The owner or person in control of any private property shall at all times maintain the premises free of litter. No person shall throw or deposit litter in or upon any street, road, sidewalk or other public place within the Borough.

No person shall loiter in a public place in such a manner as to 1) Clearly cause an immediate, actual, physical, violent reaction from any person of ordinary sensibilities, which reaction will cause or create a threat to the peace and good order of the public; 2) So disturb a person of ordinary sensibilities as to cause such person to react immediately in such a way as to threaten by physical violence the peace and good order of the public; 3) Obstruct the free passage of pedestrians or vehicles; 4) Obstruct, molest or interfere with any person lawfully in a public place. This shall include the making of unsolicited remarks of an offensive, disgusting, or insulting nature or which are calculated to annoy or disturb a person of ordinary sensibilities so as to cause such person to react immediately in such a way as to threaten by physical violence the peace and good order of the public.

Mini Bikes & Go-Carts
Prohibited on public property or Borough-owned land. Operation on private property is prohibited without the written permission of the owner of the property in the operator’s possession.

Motor Oil
Used motor oil should be brought to a service station participating in the oil-recycling program. Contact the Borough Hall for assistance at: 689-3600, ext. 119.

Motor Vehicles
No person shall keep, store, abandon or leave upon any parcel of land, public or private, street, road, highway or alleyway any motor vehicle not currently used for transportation and not being licensed for the current year or which cannot be readily operated under its own power except in a garage or other building. No person shall, except in emergency, be allowed to maintain or repair any motor vehicle on any public street, park or parking lot. No vehicle shall be parked in the front yard of any lot except upon an approved drive or parking pad.

The Borough has adopted the Public Health Nuisance Code of New Jersey (1953) prohibiting certain noises, requiring proper heating of apartments, prohibiting water and air pollution, growth of ragweed and poison ivy, and the accumulation of garbage or refuse which serves as food or breeding places for insects or rodents.

Numbering of Buildings
Owners or occupants shall cause the number of their building to be placed in figures in a conspicuous place on the front of such building so as to be plainly visible from the sidewalk or street.

Official Newspaper
The Star Gazette has been designated as the official newspaper for the publishing of all legal notices including: public meeting notices, ordinances, regulations, budget, public hearings and job announcements.

Parking Overnight And On-Street Parking Permits
Parking is prohibited from 3:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. except Sundays and public holidays on almost all streets. On-street parking permits are available for residents who have no off-street parking available, or to those who have an excess number of vehicles that cannot be parked upon approved driveways/parking pads.

Parking Permits for Parking Lots
Sticker parking permits are available for several municipal parking lots for all day, all night and 24-hour parking. Stickers are available through the Borough Clerk’s Office.

People with Disabilities Information
People with disabilities often require assistance and additional time to prepare for a disaster. The following while not exhaustive, provides some practical tips for those with special needs.

Permanent Merchant
Any person, firm, or corporation selling any merchandise, goods, products or any article whatsoever from a building or lot for a term longer than one year must be licensed.

Place of Amusement
Any theater, moving picture house, museum, miniature golf course, merry-go-around, bowling alley, billiard or pool room, dance hall, or shooting gallery are required to be licensed.

Public Records
The Open Public Records Act provides for public access to certain governmental records. A Request for Access to Governmental Records is available at the Borough Clerk’s Office. The Borough has established fees for copies of government records.

Public Transportation
The County of Warren provides a Shuttle Bus Service between Washington and Phillipsburg and Washington and Hackettstown. Schedules may be obtained from the WC Transportation/ATC Transportation at (908) 454-4044 or on the web at http://www.co.warren.nj.us/Humanservices/transportation.html

Clear, green and brown glass, steel and aluminum cans are collected bi-weekly at curbside. Newspaper, magazines, corrugated cardboard, brown paper bags and plastic containers are collected bi-weekly at curbside. White goods and bulky metal items will usually be collected curbside on the first Saturday of every month. Consult the Recycling Calendar for the pick up dates. High-grade office paper and corrugated cardboard will be collected curbside from commercial, industrial and institutional sites every Thursday. Cans and bottles should be rinsed clean with rings and caps removed and may be placed co-mingled in a 32-gallon heavy-duty plastic or galvanized metal container with sturdy handles and a cover (no plastic bags). Labels must be removed from cans only. Newspapers, junk mail, magazines, cardboard and brown paper bags should be separated and tied both lengthwise and across with cord or string in excess of 50 lbs. test in bundles not to exceed 12 inches in height. Newspapers and magazines shall not be placed in paper or plastic bags in either tied or untied state.

Sedimentation & Soil Erosion
No disturbance of land in excess of 5,000 square feet shall proceed or commence without submitting and receiving approval of a sedimentation control and erosion control plan.

Sewer Connections
No direct or indirect connection shall be permitted into the sanitary or storm water collection system without a permit being obtained.

Sewer Permits
Special permits are required for the discharge of any industrial or commercial wastes into the public sanitary sewer system. Any wastewater discharge not comparable to normal domestic household wastewater requires a permit. Prohibited wastes include: 1) gasoline, naphtha, petroleum products or any substance which may create an explosion hazard; 2) oils; fats and greases; 3) surface or rain water from yard drains, cellar drains, downspouts, french or foundation drains.

Shade Trees
No person, firm, corporation or individual shall do or cause to be done by others without written permission of the Shade Tree Commission: 1) Cut, prune, climb with spikes, break, damage or remove any tree within the public highway or place; 2) Cut, disturb or interfere in any way with any root system; 3) Fasten any rope, wire, sign, or other device to any tree or shrub; 4) Remove or damage any guard or device placed to protect any tree or shrub.

Site built and prefabricated sheds require a zoning permit and possibly a building permit prior to construction, erection, and/or relocation.

(See: Curbs and sidewalks, streets, weeds & obnoxious growths and or snow & ice removal.)

Prior to installing any sign, a zoning permit must be obtained and a building permit may also be required prior to construction.

Prohibited on most collector streets and sidewalks of the downtown business district.

Generally permitted on residential streets and sidewalks.

Smoke Detectors
All dwelling units must have smoke detector devices in various locations, as well as combination smoke /carbon monoxide detectors outside the sleeping areas, in accordance with State law. Contact the Fire Official at: 689-3600, ext. 142 to arrange for an appointment for the inspection by Fire Prevention Bureau. (See also: Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Devices on Page 1)

Snow & Ice Removal
Owners and occupants or agents of every lot of land fronting on any street or public place shall within the first 12 hours of daylight after every fall of snow remove or cause the same to be removed entirely from that portion of the sidewalk which has been paved in front of such lot of land. Snow and ice shall not be thrown in the street beyond the plow line. Ice shall be covered with sand or other abrasive material within 5 hours of daylight after the fall of ice.

Prohibited on public streets or highways or in any public park or on any public property. Prohibited on private property without permission.

Soil Removal or Importation
Permits are required to move or remove soil upon 20,000 sq. ft. of land zoned for residential use and 10,000 sq. ft. for non-residential zones. Permits are required if 300 or more cubic yards of soil is to be moved on or from any lot.

Soliciting and Canvassing
No person, except persons canvassing for charitable or religious purposes, shall canvass or solicit from house to house without a written permit issued by the Chief of Police.

Any person selling merchandise, goods, products or any article whatsoever by sampling or taking order for future delivery and accepting deposits or advanced payments or soliciting donations must be licensed.

Stream Encroachment
Before undertaking any work in or around a stream, please contact the State of New Jersey, Bureau of Flood Plain Management, Department of Environmental Protection, CN 029, Trenton, N.J. 08625 (609) 777-0454 and the Borough of Washington for assistance.

Street Excavations
No one shall place, throw, cast or discharge any mud, earth, stone, garbage, or any other filth in or upon any street, sidewalk, highway or public alley. No person shall obstruct any street or sidewalk or alley with stone, brick, lumber, sand or other building material without first having obtained a permit in writing. No person shall unlawfully narrow, encroach, stop or obstruct any street, sidewalk, highway, public alley, sluices or drains except by a permit.

Surface Water Management
No person shall engage in any land disturbance activities on any property without a permit for surface water management. Single-family dwellings are exempted unless part of a larger subdivision.

Taxi Cabs
Licenses are required and can be obtained from the Borough Clerk.

Tires and Auto Parts
These items are not eligible for municipal garbage disposal and must be disposed of by the owner. Please call the Borough Hall at 689-3600, ext. 119 for further information.

Transient Merchant
Any person, firm, or corporation selling any merchandise, goods, products or any article whatsoever from a building or lot as a tenant with a lease shorter than one year is required to be licensed.

Unfit or Unsafe Structures
The Borough of Washington and/or the State of New Jersey Construction Code Enforcement Office can hold hearings to determine whether any building is dilapidated, dangerous, unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise unfit for human habitation or occupancy or its use is inimical to the welfare and dangerous and injurious to the health and safety of the public and may order its repair, closing, or demolition. If the owner refuses to comply with the order, the Borough can cause the work to be performed and its cost assessed as a municipal lien against the property.

Unregistered/Inoperative Vehicles
It is a violation of the Borough Code to keep, store, abandon or leave upon any parcel of land, public or private, street, road, highway or alleyway any motor vehicle not currently used for transportation and not being licensed for the current year or which cannot readily be operated under its own power except in a garage or other building. (See also: Motor Vehicles)

Vegetative Waste
Grass, leaves and other vegetative wastes are collected from the first Tuesday in March through the last Tuesday in November, weather permitting. Grass, leaves and other vegetative wastes must be placed in galvanized metal or heavy-duty plastic containers, not exceeding 32 gallons in capacity, with sturdy handles and a cover, or in a Kraft-type bag. No container when filled shall weigh more than 60 pounds. Vegetative waste containers should be placed roadside for collection in the same collection area used for regular garbage and recycling.

Voter Registration
Information about registering to vote may be obtained from the Borough Clerk’s Office or from the Warren County Election Board by calling: (908) 475-6313.

    Jersey Central Power and Light.

Warren County Landfill
The Pollution Control Financing Authority operates the landfill in Oxford for County residents. Building material, most auto parts and appliances (with and without freon) are accepted for disposal at the landfill at a fee per pound and fixed rates for appliances, and special vehicle load rates on Saturdays. For further information contact the Landfill at: (908) 453-2174.

Washington Emergency Squad
The Washington Emergency Squad is a volunteer organization that covers both the Borough and Township of Washington. Persons desiring to join can stop at the Emergency Squad building at 120 Belvidere Avenue during evening hours for membership information and/or applications or call: 689-0909.

Washington Borough Fire Department
The Washington Fire Department is a volunteer organization that covers the Borough of Washington. Persons desiring to join can stop at the Fire Department at 100 Belvidere Avenue on Monday evenings for membership information and/or applications.

The Borough of Washington’s Official Website can be found at http://www.washingtonboro-nj.gov.

Weeds & Obnoxious Growths
All weeds over one foot high and all vegetable growths which exhale unpleasant or noxious odors or pollen and all weeds or vegetable growths that may conceal filthy or unhealthy deposits are declared to be public nuisances. Property owners are responsible for removing weeds from sidewalk and curb areas.

Zoning Permits
Permits are required prior to commencing any land development activity or a change in use of any structure, building or lot or portion thereof or the erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, conversion or installation of a structure or building. A zoning permit is in many cases a prerequisite to the issuance of a building permit.