Portrait of George Washington Borough of Washington, Warren County, New Jersey

Washington Borough
Did you know…

  • Strikemaster brand duck pins (bowling), one of only 2 brands still made in the USA are made in Washington.

  • The current downtown Beatty building at 1 West Washington Avenue (with Sal’s Pizza) used to have an opera house upstairs.

  • You can peek at the outer foundation of the old Washington Trust Company (1926) bank vault through a special glass case built into the wall at 25 West Washington Avenue (in Dr. Gregorg Zipf’s office).

  • The land in Warren County was bought from Native American’s in 1713.

  • In the early 1900’s The Easton-Washington Traction Company had a trolley line that ran through Washington Borough. The fare from Washington to Phillipsburg was 25 cents.

  • During 1910-1914 the borough was home to the Skalla Park and Amusement Pavilion which provided good time dancing, roller skating, merry-go-round and more between State and Stewart Streets.

  • The borough was a stop on several presidential campaign trails including Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt

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